• Celebrating Freedom in 2019
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    FREEDOM in 2019

    It’s been a long time since I’ve found the inspiration to write. Probably at least 18 months. What can I say? Actually, it was the trials and tribulations of life that got in the way of my inspiration to write about my life. I’ve always been honest about my life, and this time in my life is no different. We are NOT a Pinterest, Social Media Perfect, family. As many friends and family members know, 2018 was a trying year. In fact, it was probably the most difficult year I’ve experienced as an adult. There was lots of loss, the death of my stepmom Carol, grief, secrets revealed, changes around every…

  • Marriage and Relationships,  Other Side of 40

    10 ideas to reconnect with your spouse

    In the last year , 3 different friends  have announced that they were divorcing their spouses after 20+ years of marriage. Let me just say… these couples appeared to be rock-solid. They were the type of couples that everyone wanted to be like.  It was shocking to read/hear that their relationships were coming to an  end. I was talking to my friend, Melissa, about her situation. She said, I’m not really sure what happened. Everything seemed fine until Gabby graduated. One day, I woke up and realized things were very different between us. I didn’t really know who either of us were.  ” After 6 months of trying to fix their…