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Enjoying the quietness of a Midwest winter.

Life is the midwest is not for the faint of heart, y’ all! It’s tough, hard to deal with, very cold and involves lots of snow and ice.

Having grown up in the South, most of my experiences with winter are pretty mild. I wouldn’t even call it “winter” there. 60 degrees and above is not what I describe as winter. It’s all relative, however.

This winter in Iowa was just brutal. Locals told me that it was one of the worst winters on record. Awesome! after spending a year back in Louisiana weather, it was going to be a tough winter already.

I’m not one who likes to sit at home, stuck there because of the weather or road conditions. I’d rather be outside doing something active. However, one week during the Polar Vortex, it was so cold that is was highly dangerous to be outside for any length of time. We had to be careful of our dogs going outside and their paws freezing. It. was. DAMN. Cold.

One thing I realized is that Midwest winter force you to pause. When it is so cold, that you can’t go outside and you’re stuck at home. It’s like Mother Nature says “nope you’re in time out now. Go relax, find something to do in your house and reflect. ”

One of the particularly cold days I had an epiphany about something I’ve been dealing with from the trauma of 2018. Because I had taken this forced time out, I finally turned the corner so to speak, realized what the missing link was and found what I was searching for. Thank you Mother Nature.

I used to think I only had these moments in the early morning while at the beach. It’s about taking some time to sit with my thoughts, my laptop and write. It allows for such clarity. To be honest, I’d much prefer the weather that usually comes with being at the beach.

There is just something beautiful about sitting there, observing nature, and clearing your mind of stress, anxiety, and worries.

Regardless, I realized a lot about myself and I have to say I enjoy the quietness of winter and the appreciation of the upcoming Spring and Summer. That’s one of the best things of living in small-town Iowa, is that you learn to appreciate the little things.

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