What Others Say?

Tammy Munson - What Others Say

So what do others say about working with Tammy?


“Tammy Munson is an honest, extremely hard-working, and high energy gal! We’ve worked together on several occasions. She is motivated and a self-starter and to me that is inspiring!”
Tara Crooks, Co-Owner of Army Wife Network & Author of 1001 Things to Love About Military Life

“Tammy, I just had to drop by to give you a huge THANK YOU. Your ability to teach (even dummies like me!) what exactly social media is, how it can help (and hurt) my business, and how to best impact my audience (not to mention, teaching me who my audience is!) is gigantic! I’ve worked with others who may have had the knowledge, but certainly didn’t CARE like you have!! On top of all of that, you’re ALSO willing to deal with my constant “I have no idea what my WordPress site is doing now!” frustrations. Seriously, you’ve made my head stop spinning and my business start growing! Thank you for TRULY being a partner and a teacher.”
– Megan Murphy – blogger at Simply Murphy and Owner of O’Seven 11 Creations

“Tammy Munsonis fun, energetic, and brings these qualities to every project she works on- Fantastic person! ”
– Whitney Hoffman, author and Owner of Hoffman Media , Inc.

“Tammy Munson is the queen of all things digital. Ask her a question about social media, I’ll bet she has an answer.”
Kristen Beireis , President of Coaches Marketing Source

“Tammy Munson blends creativity and innovation with organization and strategy.”
–  Amber Lovell Boone Community Network Coordinator (NC) Soldiers’ Angels

“I’m pleased to offer this endorsement for Tammy Munson, who serves as one of my installation ambassadors for Military.com, assigned to the Military District of Washington and Colorado. Tammy has a high energy and creative interest in both public relations and professional development. She has been instrumental in assisting to move Military.com to the next level of providing support to family members who are not in a ‘dependent status,’ providing much-needed support and information to this community. Tammy is great at problem solving, and a keen sense of attention to detail. I’m delighted to have her on our team, and would recommend her for any position of high-level responsibility that suits her interests.
Dr. Vince Patton , Former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (Retired)

“Tammy Munson and I were  Business Partners since the organization of Business and Learning’s first WAH Expo from May 2006 to June 2009. Everything we’ve done together has been a success and working with Tammy is rewarding, not to mention, we have a blast. Having a forward thinker like her on your team will only help you and your business.”
Wendy Cooper, Co-Owner of Business & Learning & The WAH Expo

” Creative, professional, and passionate ”
– Anna Campbell, President of Women Business Owners, Inc.

“I have hired Tammy Munson with BrandReadyMedia for several projects and was impressed with her professionalism, timeliness and creativity.”
Merlyn Sanchez, President of SMART Business Owners

“Tammy Munson is a Social Media Maven! She is dedicated, dependable and a delight to work with. ”
Kim Emerson , Exec VP Writing/VP Marketing of Documeant Publishing Company

“Tammy Munson is a social media and branding diva. She is very professional and her work is outstanding. A pleasure to do business with.”
Greta Perry , Owner of Kickify

“Tammy Munson  is a brilliant marketer that sees past closed doors. Her ability to also teach these skills and build businesses up is amazing.”
Alaina Frederick, owner of DinkerandGiggles.com

“Tammy Munson  is a smart marketer and wonderful project manager. Her writing skills and time management ability make her blogging top-notch!”
– Jennifer Gniadecki , Senior Analyst at Zocolo Group

“Tammy Munson  understands websites, how to design them, maintain them and to draw the right clients. Her support of military families is stellar!”
– Karen Francis , Virtual Assistant at KFVA, LLC

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